Dog Benefit for the South Hills Rescue & Rehabilitation Resort

Date(s) - 05/02/2014
8:00 pm


Dog Benefit for the South Hills Rescue & Rehabilitation Resort
$8.00 Donation

South Hill Pet Rescue & ResortWe have taken in over 80 rescue dogs since July 28th 2013. Dogs came from local rescues, legal court winnings from the lexus project and petey’ pack, and dogs within the local communities that were in terrible living conditions or being abused. All dogs needed some fashion of training but most needed extensive training.

All these dogs were boarded and trained for free no matter how long their stay. Some are still there from July. This has become extremely costly for our family business and us personally. We have taken out a line of credit on our home to keep continuing care for these rescues. Not only is the daily care expensive and training time consuming but these dogs come in with terrible behavioral issues which has resulted in major destruction to our facility. We were able to board over 80 dogs before we started helping the rescue dogs since helping we can only board max 50 because some of the runs are now unusable and not safe to house a dog.

We have registered the rescue and are working with an attorney to finish our 501c3 folder to file with the IRS however the fee will be $975 and at this time we do not have it. Once we can gather the funds we can submit everything and wait for approval.

How is activity funded?

Presently the Rescue if funded through the income of the pet resort, boarding and training done by Nick Ferraro. In addition small donations have been made and have been reported as income for the pet resort WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THOSE MAKING THE DONATIONS.

This is Jaynah formerly “Lexi the duct tape dog”. When the Lexus project asked us to take her after they won the court case against euthanizing her because she had no male aggression, even after what her male abuser did to her. She is happy healthy and has no mark of any aggression.
Jayna is a sweet heart! She loves kids and other dogs!
Read her story: